About Pantomath

Welcome to Pantomath

Our commitment towards academic excellence and care for every student sets us apart from all our competitors. Our classes are designed for teaching in small groups which facilitates individualized attention. Students develop deeper understanding and have clear concepts with customized lesson plans. We invite you to visit our facility and have a glimpse at how we perceive the future of our kids through K-12 and for test prep (SAT and ACT).

Did 2020 mess up your child’s knowledge and skill level? We can help you to bridge the gap. At Pantomath we ensure that our students achieve success in each and every subject and become well rounded. Here the students are not just academically successful but enrich their life with different art forms. Research has established that sports and music enhance cognitive abilities.

Children learn to hone their skill sets in a systematic and disciplined manner. We form small groups of 4-5 kids. Each child gets a lot of attention. Each tutor analyses every child's talent and weak spots. We work towards improving their skills by focusing on the weaknesses and turning them into their strengths. Children get lots and lots of practice once the concepts are clear to them.

Love for learning means your children grow up to become successful individuals. At Pantomath we strive to instil this love for life-long learning.

A Pantomath is a person who wants to know or knows everything.
Pantomath = confident throughout school | Pantomath = success in SAT | Pantomath = value for education
Love this equation?! Call us right away!

About us

Pantomath is all about grooming the children to hone their academic skills and to prepare for the SATs and ACTs.

However, it is more than “just an academic place”. Kids have fun learning guitar, piano, and drums.

Parents can also join to enjoy learning musical instruments of your choice. We have excellent instructors to offer these lessons and at great prices too! You will love our prices!

We have a group of certified and highly skilled teachers in the fields of

  1. Academics
    • K-12
    • SAT and ACT prep
  2. Art lessons
  3. Performing Arts: Featured Courses
    • Piano lessons
    • Guitar lessons
    • Drum lessons


Our Mission

Our mission is to build a strong community of intelligent, well trained, lifelong learners. We are eager to receive you with an open heart for transforming your cherished dreams into reality. We are committed to imparting sound knowledge, paying close attention to each student in his progressive attainment.

Pantomath aims to achieve the mentioned Vision through its varied activities in K-12, Art and Performing Arts.

Our mission is to coach students and other community members in the upcoming years. We intend to achieve our vision one student at a time.


Our visions

Pantomath aims to educate and enrich our community as a whole. We want to see our children grow up to be strong, intelligent, successful and responsible citizens of our country. Our endeavour is to help our students learn the importance of Time, Money and Hardwork. We see our students graduating cum laude with the mentioned values deeply ingrained in them. We intend that every student remembers us fondly and exclaims, “I am a Pantomath student!”