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Goodbye stress, hello Math test!

From confusion and fear to clarity and joy! We make Math an interesting subject and make every student's Math journey a joyful one! Once a concept is clear the student will feel a joy in getting more and more practice! We at Pantomath believe that the preparation for SATs and ACTs starts during K-12 years. In their school years students grasp the basic concepts and get lots of practice. By the time they are in high school graduate, SATs and ACTs are no more daunting challenges.

Our students look forward to taking up the SATs and ACTs head on. 

So, how do we do it?

A. Pantomath’s Approach

(I) we have small groups of students (only 2 students per instructor as Covid precaution)Individualised custom made instructions given by,

(II) set of highly certified and committed teachers who analyse each student's particular weak area and strive to work on it and turn it into strength 

One + Two results in confident successful students and Proud parents!

So, leave off your worries with us and we will ensure that your child not only overcomes the challenges of math but will be a confident learner who will be ready for higher studies and academic challenges of further higher studies.

B. Our method

We strive to make it an easy journey for the students! We have a set of certified and experienced teachers who hand hold the students till they are self-sufficient. We conduct a diagnostic test for each child. Our highly skilful and trained teachers analyse each student’s strengths and weaknesses and turn the weaknesses into strengths.

Based on our student analysis, we prepare our students broadly in two ways:

1. Conceptual clarity which is our forte

2. Practice, practice and more practice! Practice makes you perfect!

Pantomath has a well-stocked library and access to internet-based resources. Our library has a wide range of books by a variety of authors. We have access to IXL and Khan Academy for online resources. These rich resources give lots of practice to the students.

Course Features

  • Duration : Ongoing - Monthly
  • Minimum Students : 5

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