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ACT Test Prep

Test prep can be daunting especially when the children are buried in work and worried about future. 11th Grade as well as 12th grade are full of workload both scholastic and extracurricular. Managing everything well within time is a skill that everyone wants to master!

Get Pantomath advantage in your Test prep. We help you improve your ACT score. Our courses are designed to help you prepare well and get that coveted score. 

Pantomath Method

Pantomath method is a great way to prepare for your ACT tests. Our tutors ensure that the students get the right kind of practice and more than enough of it. Here is how we work with our students:

The Pantomath method:

The Pantomath Advantage

With Pantomath's ACT Prep your son or daughter gets:

+ Skilful enough to raise the scores: Our tutors hone the overall skills so well that the students are able to raise their scores considerably. 

+ Confident and prepared for the test effectively: Thanks to our test prep strategies, our students feel confident at the time of taking the test.

+ Improve individual skills: Improve upon the areas that require strengthening. 

Why Pantomath?

Still want to know why Pantomath? Here are some great reasons:

+ Experts to guide: Certified and with great experience

+ Personalized lessons: Online as well as in-person lessons

+ Abundant online resources: 

+ Video lessons

+ Vocabulary-building tools

+ Lots of quizzing practice

+ Timed-practice of full-length tests

Online Resources

We subscribe to IXL and Khan Academy for the online resources. IXL and Khan Academy are world’s leading brands in subscription-based online learning space. 


IXL is a highly effective resource for personalised learning.

+ Comprehensive curriculum

+ Trusted by educators and parents

11 million+ students including Pantomath students use IXL

+ Immersive learning experience

Khan Academy

For every student, every classroom: Real results

+ Personalized learning

+ Trusted content

+ Tools to empower teachers


Course Features

  • Duration : Ongoing
  • Minimum Students : 1

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