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Different programs to fit your child's reading needs.


Different programs to fit your child's writing needs.



Trouble with Reading affects a child's confidence. Moving on with lessons is a daily challenge.Pantomath has a systematic but sensitive approach to take on this challenge. Children at Pantomath improve reading fluency and competence at a good pace.

Pantomath Method

Advanced Reading

Pantomath offers Advanced Reading course to further hone the reading skills of your child. This also works indirectly as a foundation for the SAT and ACT Prep.

Our courses are tailor-made for each child. In this course, we 

+ Assess the reading skills and improve the reading habits

+ Significantly speed up the reading comprehension and recall

+ Make the child an effective reader by teaching time management skills

+ Have Content-based reading strategies for each child

With this course, SAT and ACT Prep also get an impetus and builds that required edge in reading skill.

Elementary school

From understanding and grasping basic phonics to shapes and sizes of things, we cover everything required to engage your young ones in a fun way. They develop a liking for reading naturally! We cover 

Middle School

Middle school is the beginning of building up serious reading skills and developing the required fluency. 


What’s language without a rich vocabulary?! At Pantomath we take efforts to build up the vocabulary of your child. We have a great library that boasts of books from a wide range of authors - books that complement our efforts to enrich your child’s vocabulary.

Pantomath tutors develop your child’s vocabulary in a comprehensive manner.  They ensure


We create Fluent readers. Children learn


High School

Developing reading skills that last beyond high school.

Advanced Reading Strategies

Students get trained in advanced reading strategies:

Online Resources

We subscribe to IXL and Khan Academy for the online resources. IXL and Khan Academy are world’s leading brands in subscription-based online learning space. 


IXL is a highly effective resource for personalised learning.

+ Comprehensive curriculum

+ Trusted by educators and parents

11 million+ students including Pantomath students use IXL

+ Immersive learning experience

Khan Academy

For every student, every classroom: Real results

+ Personalized learning

+ Trusted content

+ Tools to empower teachers


Writing program will help your child:

+ Organize and express thoughts with clarity

+ Complete assignments of any difficulty level

+ Discover the joy of writing

+ Improved test taking:

+ Follow clear writing process for all subjects 

+ Clarity in answers

+ Time management skills

+ Use of technology to develop writing skills

+ Teach the child appropriate use of technology for writing and communicating

+ Tailor-fit the child's specific needs - from handwriting to research skills

Writing skills cover:

Writing starts from Elementary school.

Elementary School

We cover from basic grammar, spellings and vocabulary to developing the writing skills step by step. We are aligned to the school curriculum to help your child develop the crucial writing skill without any confusion.

We cover:

+ Grammar rules and how to follow them

+ Develop a good vocabulary with correct spellings

+ Think and then organize the writing

+ Learn and apply step by step writing

+ Write, write and Write at respective grade level

Writing skills cover all types of writing - paragraph, essay or any other writing assignment.

Middle School

Middle school is the time to get serious about writing skills. With Pantomath method, we decide the level of tutoring required for your child. We hand hold and pace the child's writing speed and skills. We cover everything from handwriting to writing text-based assignments.

We cover the following: 

+ Learn and apply critical thinking skills to organize writing assignment

+ Develop greater vocabulary with correct spellings

+ Learn and apply grammar and punctuation rules

+ Apply step by step writing 

+ Learn and master advanced writing assignments like paragraph writing and longer essays

High School

High school means aiming high! Pantomath helps in developing the confidence so that your senior can aim really high. 

How do we do it? 

Step1: Pantomath method designs a tailor-fit plan for your son or daughter. 

Step2: The tutors follow the schedule. 

We cover:

+ Apply the writing steps to higher level writing assignments

+ Develop the ability to articulate the main idea

+ Accurate analysis of any long passage

+ Comprehensive outline of the idea

+ Understand the main research focus

+ Succinct summary

+ Compose and write effective essays 

+ Thesis statements

+ Topic organization

+ Effective transitions

+ Effectively write any type of assignment 

+ Descriptive

+ Illustrative

+ Persuasive

+ Compare and contrast

+ And anything under the sun

+ Prepare well for important exams 

+ Write great job applications

+ Test prep

Course Features

  • Duration : Ongoing - Weekly
  • Minimum Students : 5

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